Tuesday, 24 April 2012

BB Cream!

Garnier miracle skin perfecter BB. RRP £7.49
001. So... my first ever product review! I am more in to my fashion than beauty but not to say i don't have an interest in it, i like to try new products and see what works for me! My friend Sophie is a product fanatic and will always give me a hand when investing in new purchases, shes like my guru!

002. I seem to get very dry skin which unfortunately has been playing up a lot lately, my foundation seemed to be doing no good at all (even though supposedly for dry skin) so i ditched that until i can find a better one. I have heard a lot about the Garnier BB cream so decided to give it a try, it seemed to be exactly what i needed while in the middle of foundations and i had hoped the moisturiser would help my skin. Garnier claims it will help in 5 ways;
1. Hydrates for 24hrs
2. Evens tone
3. Corrects blemishes
4. Boosts healthy glow
5. UV Protection SPF 15

003. I can honestly say my skin is much better now i have started using this and got rid of my foundation, it is very light on the skin and leaves a nice dewy effect. The tone on my skin has always been relatively even so i haven't concentrated on the changes of that too much i have also not seen many changes to blemishes. 

004. Overall i think the BB cream is perfect if you like the look of low coverage it is light and blends in very well, it is ideal for everyday use and also gives your skin a chance to breath. One downfall i would have is there are only two shades light and medium, i purchased the light and it went well with my skin but for someone that has a paler complexion i think would find it too dark. 

Lizzie x

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