Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Weeknd.

001. The first few pictures are of an outfit i wore the other day to work, the photos don't really do it justice (or me) but i really did like it especially as it was a random chuck on. I had been itching to wear this Primark bargain and as soon as i saw the sun out i jumped at the opportunity! Unfortunately my only source of camera at the moment is an iPhone boo :(, currently saving to get an SLR then i can go snap happy!

002. The other two photos are of an outfit i wore out the other night, again not the best but you can get the idea. I got these red jeans on my Topshop uniform a few weeks back i was a bit hesitant at first thinking they would be hard to pair tops and shoes with but i have been proven wrong, they are perfect to brighten up an outfit! The last photo is my new "must have" i have been pining over one of these tops for ages now and then always seem to be sold out *sigh*.

003. Last but not least is the explanation of my miss spelt title, it is in fact in dedication of my new favourite artist The Weeknd. I have been listening to him for a while now and im hooked, obsessed, gripped, captivated, fixated you name it!

Lizzie x


  1. aaaah i freakin' love ur necklace!! love ur photos:) xx from germany

  2. I love The Weeknd too! The music got me through my exams last year! <3


  3. Amazing isnt he@ seeing him in July can not wait :) x

  4. Oh at wireless?! I hope I get to see him live soon as well. Thanks for subbing to my blog btw! xx