Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ye ole Margate.

- Birthday card - Pretty tea sets - Tea with my mummy dear - Tea and cup cakes - Cupcake - Boutique - Potential buy - Jewellery - Primark shirt - Primark top - Baby book - Snacks with my cousin - 

001. Had a random trip to Margate today with my mum cousin and her little one, Margate has been known as a dump for  long time but certain parts are really starting to pick up! There are some lovely nicknack shops and a few vinatge clothes shops. My favourite place is the cup cake shop (obviously), there are so many to choose from and some lovely little bits you can buy from there.

002. I didn't end up buying the playsuit in the end, was umming over it so decided to think about it. I fell in love with the top half but wasn't to keen on the design on the shorts, wanted to just cut them off!

003. I did buy these two tops from Primark, the shirt im still undecided if i am keeping but the white top i fell in love with! For £10 i couldn't resist, with the amount you would pay in other stores and the summer coming up i couldn't say no.

Lizzie x

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