Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunshine through my window.

- SUN - Ramsgate pier - Pimms o'clock - The best ice cream - Shopping day - Cocktails with Sophie -  Beach -  Drinks with the boys - Outfit - Broadstairs beach - Midge - Music in the sun - 

001. So unless you have been in a hole the last few days or not seen the millions of tweets and status's you will know the sun has been shining! Knowing how temperamental this English weather can be i made sure i took full advantage of every last bit of sunshine (still very pale though boo).

002. It was payday and hot on Friday, couldn't be a better excuse to shop! Managed to be good with my spending for once (blog shall follow with my purchases!) For the rest of the weekend i pretty much drank pimms and sunned it up with friends, could you ask for much more?

003. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, cant wait for the bank holiday this weekend hopefully weather holds out!

Lizzie x

Monday, 21 May 2012


- Dinner - New shoes! - Night out - Night out outfit - Newspaper walls - Cocktails in teacups - Ballrooms - Cupcake bath bomb - Ice cream with Oscar - Jess and I - Bubblegum ice cream - Jess - 

001. Had such a lovely weekend with friends! Went out on Friday night to a place in Canterbury called Ballrooms had such a good night (of what i remember) especially drinking cocktails out of tea cups, ever so sophisticated. I finally got to wear my H&M playsuit have been waiting for a bit more warmth as its very leggy, i also finally managed to get hold of the Topshop Lisbon heels in tan have been searching for ages and we happened to get a return in my size.... must have been fate!!

002. For a change i didn't lie in bed all day after my night out feeling sorry for myself and got myself out in the little sun we had! My friend and fellow blogger Jess was down from London so we had a nice catch up over tea, ice cream and dog walking.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend...

Lizzie x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

You'll be my american boy

001. A few things i am convinced i need in my life not just want...... my bank balance will highly disagree!! On the up side birthday in 49 days im sure there is someone who loves me enough to get me them all :)

From top left -

1. American flag Converse.
2. Urban outfitters tie dye shorts.
3. Topshop floral skirt.
4. BOY London vest.
5. American Apparel Disco pants.
6. Zara Crochet shorts.
7. Topshop Dip dyed hot pants.
8. Office Nike suede high top.

Lizzie x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feel the love.

- Myself and my mother - My doggie Oscar - Night out - Broadstairs beach - Outfit - Sunny day - Lunch with a friend - Outfit 2 - Starting my MAC collection - House party - ASOS tempting me - Russian red - 

001. Feel like i haven't blogged in ages! Here are a few photos from my last two weeks, unfortunately nothing exciting just enjoying the sunshine when i can! This year feels like its flying by can not believe its nearly June, although this does mean not long till my birthday eeek!

002. I have been pretty good with shopping this week in only purchasing a MAC lipstick (Russian red, finally) and another piece of uniform for work. There seems to be so much i want at the moment, one day i will learn the art of saving..... maybe.

003. Last but no least this song.... Obsessed springs to mind? Every time i listen to it it just makes me so happy!! I have played it at least 8 times today my parents are going to be so sick of it soon. I have never heard of John Newman before i originally thought it was Maverick Sabre i am in love with his voice but anyway if you are looking for a happy summer song here we go......

Lizzie x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pay day purchases

CHANEL bronzer - MAC melba blusher - MAC charcoal brown eye shadow - Real techniques blusher brush - Random samples - Zara plaited shopper bag - H&M shirt - H&M necklace -  H&M playsuit - Topshop Leigh jeans - 
001. Anyone else poor already from pay day....? Went a little mad which i will pay for later in the month but hey ho only live once! I have needed some new make up for ages so headed to my nearest Fenwicks and spent untold amount of time in there, the bronzer is one of my favourite buys its a cream
so perfect for my skin and is easy to build up for a nice bronzed look.

002. I always like to get some samples before making massive spends. I got a few of the Estee Lauder advanced night repair and it is brilliant, It has made such a difference to my skin in only 5 days i will 100% purchase a bottle when the samples have run out. Very very happy i have finally got this bag it seemed to keep selling out online finally managed to snatch one up and im in love!

003. Loving H&M as well recently there are so many bargains i almost don't feel so guilty buying so much. I got the jeans on my Topshop uniform so only cost me £15 pounds i need to brighten up my wardrobe a bit i seem to have too much black!

Lizzie x