Monday, 21 May 2012


- Dinner - New shoes! - Night out - Night out outfit - Newspaper walls - Cocktails in teacups - Ballrooms - Cupcake bath bomb - Ice cream with Oscar - Jess and I - Bubblegum ice cream - Jess - 

001. Had such a lovely weekend with friends! Went out on Friday night to a place in Canterbury called Ballrooms had such a good night (of what i remember) especially drinking cocktails out of tea cups, ever so sophisticated. I finally got to wear my H&M playsuit have been waiting for a bit more warmth as its very leggy, i also finally managed to get hold of the Topshop Lisbon heels in tan have been searching for ages and we happened to get a return in my size.... must have been fate!!

002. For a change i didn't lie in bed all day after my night out feeling sorry for myself and got myself out in the little sun we had! My friend and fellow blogger Jess was down from London so we had a nice catch up over tea, ice cream and dog walking.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend...

Lizzie x


  1. very jealous of your new shoes! x

  2. cute pics xxx i am following